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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC is here to meet your needs! Our mobile platform provides us the ability to come to you. Our customers find it convenient that they do not have to spend time bringing their projects to a shop. This eliminates the expense and time of transporting items. It also allows us to do restoration work on stationary objects such as buildings, concrete slabs, and wooden structures to name a few. 

  Vehicles and Equipment

We provide media blasting and painting services for many types of vehicles and equipment. It is crucial that your fleet and or construction equipment stay in top shape. Winter in the North East is hard on these machines. Road salt and de-icing agents wreak havoc on painted and powder coated steel in our region. Get ahead of the corrosion and let us help you save your bottom line. In this age of extraordinary high prices for new equipment and the challenges of maintenance where parts are far and few between, keeping your corrosion concerns under control become vital in increasing longevity.​

We can custom tailor our services to your needs. We promote a three step process for restoring your project. Typically we would media blast, prime, and then top coat with industrial grade coatings. We can also offer a more cost prohibitive, all biet shorter life alternative where we media blast and them apply a direct to metal paint.

Please look at our gallery for examples of our work!


Building Restoration

Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC can provide restoration services to a variety of applications. We have the capability to utilize a variety of different types and sizes of abrasive blasting media. We can custom tailor the media to the job at hand. ​

Applications in the building trade include but are not limited to graffiti removal, paint removal, sealer removal. 


One example would be the removal of paint from a brick surface. This could be a chimney, an accent wall, or an entire building. Another example would be the removal of peeling paint from the ceiling of a steel building.


The applications are many. Please contact us to see how we can help you with your project!

Log Home and Timber Frame Restoration

Let us help you restore your log or timber frame home. We can remove years of weather damage and failed stains and paints. Your home will return to like new condition. Our process will give you the clean slate you desire to stain or seal for years of beauty and protection from the elements. We typically use corn cob abrasive media for this application.

Call us today and let us help you achieve your goals!


Special Projects

Here at Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC we are not afraid to tackle big jobs or jobs that require special attention. We are always up for a challenge and welcome the opportunity to help you or your company achieve your goals.

Call us today and ask how we can help!

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