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About Us

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Our Reward is Your Success

Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC

Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC was born of a curiosity about abrasive blasting. It started when a close friend had his classic Mustang media blasted by a small local media blaster that worked in a part time capacity. We were fascinated at this process and quickly began to understand the limitless opportunities this offered. We spent the next 2 years researching this industry and learned a great deal. The original plan was to purchase a stand alone system that was essentially turn key. As we learned more and more we realized that we could build a far superior platform. 

In September of 2019, Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC was born. The vision was to construct a mobile media blasting vehicle that was truly self contained and could carry anything needed to complete our jobs. We purchased a used delivery truck and the transformation began! We removed the delivery box from the chassis and built a sturdy platform for a 375 cfm diesel air compressor. We sourced a used service body and had it transported from Minnesota to Rochester. Soon we had it mounted on the truck chassis. Next was the build out of the air delivery system inside the service body. We designed an efficient network of air lines and electrical circuits to power the system and move large volumes of air. We sourced and installed a media blast pot as well as a system for drying and cooling the air produced by the compressor. Dry air is essential in the media blasting industry.

Simultaneous to building out the media blasting part of the truck, we had to make some significant repairs and upgrades to our power unit. The entire build took 8 months. We had lots of long days and several moments of head scratching. However, we made it to the end and today we have a truly one of a kind vehicle that is ideally suited to meet the needs of our customers!

We have met and interacted with several partners in the industry who have assisted us with learning this trade. We are grateful to our fellow blasters around the country and frankly the world as well as our vendors. Their experience and professionalism has contributed greatly to our success.


Like many other ventures, we here at Blastworks Surface Prep, LLC thrive on the building of relationships. We never take for granted that you are trusting us with projects that are important to you or your business. We look at your project as if it was our own. We recognize that it is often a difficult decision to allocate funds to complete various projects that you desire. We understand that margins are often tight. We always strive to help YOU be successful!


Our time in the industry at this juncture is short, and our learning curve has been steep. That being said we have gained a world of knowledge in a short time. In addition to this we have built a large support network around us, both locally and nationally. If we don't have the answer to your question, we will get it as quickly as we can. We invite you to review our Gallery page. You will see that we have tackled some large projects with great success. 

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